This used to be the webpage of Region 8 IEEE VCF. The current page is at this location.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: AS OF JANUARY 2005, Vlatko Stoilkov (stoilkov coordinates the fund. Please, do not send any new application to Zbynek Skvor.

Region 8 IEEE Voluntary Contribution Fund

Region 8 IEEE is quite diverse in nature. It is the fastest growing IEEE region, covering Europe, Africa and some parts of Asia. The average income in various R8 countries differs by a ratio of 100. That is why we have created a Voluntary Contribution Fund (VCF). This fund is fed by voluntary contributions donated by members in more rich countries. The money is then used to support member activities in less rich countries.
The fund is coordinated by 

Zbynek Skvor,

Region 8 IEEE Voluntary Contribution Fund Coordinator . He looks like the picture <<<<. 

Basic information

Voluntary contribution fund is created to help IEEE members from less rich countries in Region 8. This support is not intended for living costs or benefits, but for membership activities. The fund supports various projects; this page provides basic information on travel support and support for SB magazine packages. That is not the only one nor the main reason for the project. Please, feel free to contact VCF coordinator Zbynek Skvor to ask about support for other reasonable projects.

Nice to meet you here. You can download forms from here.
Downloadable forms
No. Description MS Office 
Rich Text Format
(less preferred)
(please, use only if neither DOC nor PDF

 works for you)

1 Request for travel support vcf5.doc vcf5.rtf vcf5.pdf
2 Report on travel expenses Excel-ExpRpt00.xls Excel-ExpRpt00.pdf
3 Request for All Magazine Package
(student branches only)
vcfamp.doc vcfamp.rtf vcfamp.pdf
4 Report - All Magazine Package program 
(student branches only)
amprep.doc amprep.rtf amprep.pdf
5 Other applications vcfother.doc vcfother.rtf vcfother.pdf

Necessary conditions for travel support (conditio sine que non):

Necessary conditions for SB All Magazine Package program

Based on the number of applications and available funds, some SB may be asked to find partial funding from other sources (your section might help you).

 Voluntary Contribution Fund can meet the cost of the package. The package is sent from IEEE headquarters in Piscataway, NJ. Any problems with delivery should be discussed with Laura Durett, A list of branches who receive magazines through this program is available in PDF format here.

R8 VCF rules - travel to conferences

Conditions of elegibility:

  1. Current IEEE membership
  2. Paper accepted for presentation at the conference
  3. Conference within the geographical area of Region 8.
  4. Member belongs to Region 8.
  5. Conference sponsored or co-sponsored by IEEE, society or Region 8 or any of its sections
  6. Application on a form designed by R8. The form must bear a signature of section or chapter officer.
  7. Only applicants who have not been supported by R8 VCF in past 5 years are elegible. Students may get funding twice, to the amount of $1000 in total.
  8. Only one travel support per paper.
  9. The maximum amount provided can not exceed $1000.
  10. R8 committee members are not elegible
What costs may be met: Other:

VCF - procedures

  1. First contact
  2. Basic conditions of elegibility checked
  3. Application form
  4. Form downloaded from www
  5. Form may be sent electronically to speed-up processing, but original bearing signatures is required as well.
  6. Verification and Clarification. Some points in the form might need clarification
  7. The applicant is informed on the decision (by e-mail)
  8. Money required in advance (must be mentioned in the request)
  9. Current IEEE membership is verified
  10. Money sent. Money is sent by R8 treasurer.
  11. Travel to the conference
  12. Report, including receipts for at least the amount received from VCF

  14. Money not required in advance
  15. Travel to the conference
  16. Report, including receipts up to the amount granted by VCF, sent to the coordinator
  17. Current IEEE membership verified
  18. Money sent. Money is sent by R8 treasurer.

Follow-up  Shall you need more information, do not hesitate to contact me. 

Last revised July 2, 2003

This page is kept by Zbynek Skvor